4-Week Programs

Get on track toward your goals with these affordable options priced at just $29. They are pre-customized and last four weeks. Assessments to tailor the program to you are included as well.

Jump start your fitness goals with systematic training plans designed with integrated, effective, and efficient programming.

Get Moving Plan

Give me 30 minutes for three times a week, and I can get you moving and feeling better with a fully integrated training program including: flexibility, core, balance, plyometric, cardiorespiratory, and resistance training.

Who is this for? Busy individuals, beginning exercisers, those returning to exercise, and anyone looking to move better and feel better.

What equipment do I need? A foam roller, a light or medium pair of dumbbells (liquid detergent bottles filled with water if you don’t have any)

What is included? Three complete workouts designed with integrated and multiplanar programming to improve all areas of fitness, movement assessments for customized flexibility training and better movement, video instruction, and informational material on the foundations of wellness, healthy eating tips, macronutrients, and workout progressions.

How do I sign up? Click the button at the bottom of the page, fill out the form, and I’ll be in touch to conduct your assessments virtually to tailor the program to you.

Move to Lose Plan

A weight-loss focused package, coming soon!

Move for Muscle Plan

Four-weeks to more muscle, coming soon!

Ready to start?

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