Hi, I’m Lance! My company name represents my training approach and philosophy of fitness. I design exercise programs and provide nutrition coaching for where you are in terms of fitness but also preference. The training relationship is reciprocal; it’s not just me telling you what to do. If you don’t like something, you are very unlikely to adhere to it and make real change. I want your experience to be fun, results-driven, and fit for your (quite possibly hectic) life. You can learn more about the benefits of personal training in the download below.

My Background

I didn’t grow up playing 5,000 different sports and being constantly active. I had a sedentary lifestyle in general, and I decided to set out to lose weight in college and started running and exploring nutrition. Over the years, the initial weight loss goal turned into a passion for learning about exercise, nutrition, and how our bodies move.

I say all this because every time I started something new I had some anxiety about it, and it was hard. If you are someone who has ever struggled with exercise or eating, I can relate. Am I doing this right? Will my heart explode? Are people looking at me because I don’t know how fill-in-the-blank piece of equipment at a gym works? Will carbs kill us all? Should we just be on the sticks of butter, moose meat and green tea diet?

I set out for answers each time I began something new. I located reputable sources and used my critical thinking skills I promote in my other job as a teacher. If you don’t believe in science and credible organizations and instead prefer Internet hearsay, then I’m probably not the trainer for you.

Because you might like to know, here’s a random list of physical activity I’ve undertaken: running (a few half-marathons, one full marathon, a couple obstacle course races), ballroom dance, mild hiking, weightlifting, group fitness classes of all kinds, kettlebell, sitting for extended periods (desk athlete?), Netflix binging, and (the hardest of all) wrangling a toddler.


Full unrelated-directly-to-fitness disclosure, I have a B.A. in Spanish with a minor in English from Murray State University. I have a M.A. in Hispanic Literatures from UNC-CH. I like to think all this academic training helps my client communication skills.

Fitness Credentials:
Primary Group Exercise Certification, Athletics and Fitness Association of America
SFG I Workshop and Skills Completion (kettlebell), StrongFirst
MOSSA Group Fight (Defend Together at the Y), Instructor Certification
MOSSA Group Power (Strength Train Together at the Y), Instructor Certification
Certified Personal Trainer, National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)
Weight Loss Specialist, National Academy of Sports Medicine
TRX Suspension Training Course Graduate

The OPT Model

My personal training programs are grounded in the NASM OPT model. It provides a safe and effective way to progress all toward their fitness goals.

“The OPT Model, or Optimum Performance Training Model, is a fitness training system developed by NASM. The OPT Model is based on scientific evidence and principles that progresses an individual through five training phases: stabilization endurance, strength endurance, hypertrophy, maximal strength and power.”

-National Academy of Sports Medicine

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